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Relatively unarmed true story of Mavericks is this is way heavier than ne ne ne Hollywood movie can imagine me now then it's it's a really critical story that you know another event shining the spotlight On The Mavericks The Mavericks surf contest held annually conditions prevailing in the winter's biggest surf any moments of Cards US history Huawei wiped out the contest scaffolding licence and see there's only added to the notoriety at Mavericks the most out of surface right but it was produced is dangerous for people there just to watch take a look at it at least three huge wave wash I'm sure that it doesn't people than others running for safety there are unique geographical reasons why the waving Mavericks is so thrilling deadly and unlike any other is huge storms a year come out japour Alaska and the generation which street in in the coming from deep water and then they hit pillar point which goes up to like a 20 foot shelf 2014 from like hundreds of feet deep and serve water just comes out of the deep water in just hit that one spot it just has been perfect double at Me Now by The Smiths hits are perfect there in every single swear they pick something up bee now so it's just a special place