Edgar Allan Poe is one of our country's most famous and influential writers who lived in the smallest Cottage during the last years of his life it's the only writers House open to the public in the citThe small working-class Cottage was built in 1812 part of rural Fordham Village cobrado sale in Whitebridge mother-in-law 1346 I hope the country location and fresh air would help his wife recover from tuberculosis but his beloved Virginia diJanuary 1847 I just found in part one of his most famous poems in tribute to his last love Hero as well including the poem The Bells prompted by sounds from the nearby bell tower if it is now Fordham University and the cask of amontillado considered to be one of the best short stories ever written in American literature much is it furniture is from the but this bed is believedVirginia's the rocking chair and the mirror in the Parlour room are also believed to be original piecePaul live departures existence and after pulled out his Cottage into it got helpful on the way from the New York Shakespeare society the state legislature the New York historical society the Bronx Society of the Arts CentrAnd the City it was moved here from its nearby original location to Poole Park in 1913 it's better Museum virtually every sense now and buy the Bronx County historical society and part of the city's historic house trust it was recently restored the historical society also has a film portraying Paul during hiWebsite and on YouTube of visitors centre hair design by toshiko mori has more information on Paul the roof line is said to Achill ravens wings in Honour of one of those most famous poems in Llanberis cottages Last Story how describe a cottage this way and that nothing could well be more unpretentious in this Cottage it's marvellous effect there altogether in its artistic arrangement as a picturBaltimore gets a lot of hope it was the 8th October and the anniversary of his death but here is where I lived and loved read some of his best known works and became part of the community having a appreciated that meant so much to him might give Paul some comfort at last