The A.V. Club

We are now on our way over to the city lights bookstore people that we now consider part of the canon of American literature like Jack Kerouac Allen Ginsberg City like you're the one that publish their books on the history of the changes that took place in America 1953 European bookstore in the same operation are happening with Peter D Martin Martin Martin spinach and get it brighter vision which is to create a publication for quality paper bags are expensive you want to make something there just some kid would come and end with an allowance money be able to pick up and open up and just like in inspire you wanted to inspire a generation of people to look at poetry Cultural Centre cancel our job keep the oven guard life euro cylinders very chairs female over 50 baudelaire spoke to the kind of Adolescent hours which was the world is made of s*** and everyone is behaving badly but I would rather gaze at them and deal with the lies of a tidy life that's what I meant fun things to come here is to watch other people get radicalised and transformed and you see that every time you coming here or young people taking a book off the shelf and you think it's about to happen