City Half-Day Sightseeing Tour

26 34th St - Dubai - Emirati Arabi Uniti

In a city that has so much to offer today we're going to see the highlights of DubaStop here on the beach with the Burj Al Arab in the distance when was famous landmarks in all of Dubai the sun is shining this is a perfect day the statue of the Khmer master most photographed fast in Dubai for a quick follow uThe wizard is like to see the new Dubai as well as the Old Dubai so this store is perfect or we get to see a combination of both parts of the City Museum traditional was used in the late 1800Text David Vann to buy Creed in Wigan it take an eyebrow which is a traditional water taxi to get to the other side and going to the zoo taxi might be my favourite part so far because he's got the water and you can see different building in architecture the Spice market during divided back to the 1930s the traders coming from Iran India part of Africa free no good here too red ball around specialty red gold 200 shops