JoBlo Movie Trailers

We begin at the apartment of the Blade Runner himself Decker as portrayed by Harrison ForThis location was done that the famous the Townhouse in the Hillsborough Griffith Park you may also recognise this location from the original House on Haunted Hill starring Vincent Price the Ennis brown house is built in 1924 by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright it is included in the national register of historic places It's after suffering a considerable amount of damage in the Northridge earthquake and it's currently under Renovations to become a private MuseuSo from the hills of Hollywood we moved to downtown Los Angeles the heart and soul of Blade where's locations The cityscape shots a futuristic la refuge by using a combination my name is incorporating real landmarks One particular building that was included was the distinctive Bonaventure hotel known for its electrical Towers when you step inside this location you can definitely feel up later on it by between the online elevators in the futuristic interior The tunnel to which decorative processes apartment is the 2nd Street tunnel running between Figueroa Street and Hill Street in downtown Los Angeles colour runs underneath the futuristic looking Walt Disney concert hall and is roughly 1500 50 people