Mark Wiens

IPhone is located right on the corner of Steel road and joo chiat place and it's area of Singapore is kind of a heritage area of the city and when I asked all of you where to eat crab in Singapore this was one of the main subjecAre black pepper crab and so this land is occupied this is a kind of small palm Court coffee shop open coffee shop style shop house and I think all the stores are pretty much closed in the afternoon now except for the seafood restauranAll of these tables and we got here really early because I read a lot stories that you gotta get here early otherwise they sell IT Crowd a lot of people call the head and necReservations but we did take it early enough to be able to order it so we ordered they only sell back to crap so we got two black pepper crab and waiting for them to arrive right now. Just took about 10 minutes away the restaurant is not busy yet and so the food came really fast we got the black pepper crab and theGreek language is fried noodles with incredibly good and then also it can smell the black peppePieces of food and heritage tomatoes there's some vegetables there are as an egg for some of them