Bob Barton love like the physical activity behind the bar but it's not only about making the breaking free 4creative experience execute and put in the drink programming and bring in the people that are friends are people that work with as little over reading and doing drugs many can I feel like my life started 8 years ago you get drunk every once in a while you have something for dinner like typically I feel like I'm bad with those people little bit better I feel like it my car that something then and I wish that it could be like that but it's not in our kind of evil do it a bit more into a place for like I can take a little sleep here and there birthday, gadgets it's not like that I see that tenacity with which I used to engage in that kind of behaviour like manifest itself in other things in the key is to be able to Channel that tenacity towards the good things going out and let you know looking for old things in the world is something overly passionate about that I've been able to Channel it towards that you find these are the things you get YouTube it it becomes of passion