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Hey everyone it's Mark wiens with migrationology. Singapore you can I just check the MOT to sit on goonstation and we are on our way to chomp chomp food centre which is a well-known ParkeBarbecue seafood as well as a number of other famous stars were on our way there now and I aI look at the map can from serangoon station it's a little bit of a distance to get to the champ champ food centre and I think you could take a bus from this station to get there directly but since we have a little bit of time it's not too late yet I think we're just gonna walk it we have been working for probably 10 or 15 about halfway there but the walk is really nice it is a very residential area so we passed a lot of condos. Interclean we just made it to chomp chomp food centre and that took about 30 minutes to walk here it was a really pleasant walk and wReally impressive houses along the waIt's time to eat it's not I asked all of you where to eat in SingaporTo all of you for recommending Palace Soccer Centre one of the ultimate things to eat here at Trafford Centre is barbecued stingray and there are a couple of places to choose from I chose number one which is right at the entrance and the owner's they're really really nice and friendly in the shift it take a banana leaf and they had some sample anStingray and then they sort of rap The Banana Leaf over the fish and then it cover it with a cover and so it's sort of like bikes at the same time as it's being grilled food baked in that chili sauce and then after process it it it takes about 10 minutes to grill in the other hand full of onions and top and then they serve it with and also some SAS which I think is a should be asked at a first taste it with nothing first just that Dishonored embedded into the fish which is almost a little bit of a really tasty flavour brit next calamansi is a citrus that sort of taste like a cross between an orange and a lime and I think it's well complimenIt is well it is perfectly with chopsticks and I'm pretty at this timLooking into your eyes closed in in a dreamy delicious state alarm red oil bill chilli saucYou can really taste the shrimp dinner and a show pieces on most chunky with little bits of shrimp in there really really good you can taste a lot of garlic in there it has a little bit of like chili oil I think and then the actual water morning glory is stir-fried heestSo it retains it's Christmas it's fresh Christmas Christmas but just being like slightlThat's my kind of vegetables have a number of stores selling chicken wings which are a lady who is a really friendly lady she was making chicken wings she was smiled at me the whole time chicken wings served after with her looking for enjoy. I'm going to grab one of them on the wing drumsticks It's not too big but it's just a perfect size hanGood things to eat at quality Centre and people are really nice here as well so I would highly recommend it and I want to say a big thank you to all of you who recommended chomp chomp food centre that stingray was unbelievably good as was everything else I'm so happy and satisfied right now thank you all very much for watching this video please leave a comment below I would love to hear from you and I will see you on the next video hello