University of San Francisco

We're here at the highest point on campus Look Western you'll see Golden Gate Park lead to the Pacific Ocean turn around and taking the sparkling downtown Skyline in the shadow of Mount Diablo hi my name is Ingrid I'm a software setting media and communication and I'm Alex I'm a junior studying graphic design welcome to the University of San Francisco we're true whitbread share experiences with you I'll be waiting for us at 45 Acre campus right here and uh have you started for us it's a hundred and four steps to the top of London for you get amazing views of Golden Gate Park Twin Peaks and downtown San Francisco state a few minutes to take it all in it to catch your breath then head inside and take a look around peak into a classroom or take a seat in the door centre Reading room inside you also find the office of admission wherever it for two years as an admission ambassador and one stop to Us financial aid student registration offices take the stairs down london's cafeteria and self-service food Mart catch the elevator down to check out the only resident on the hill now go check out that love you again before you walk back down the hill Gleeson library and gas key learning resource centre or the core of academic excellence in the heart of campus with a growing collection of digital resources and shelves stocked with 730000 volume usf students flex the mental muscle from silent or canvas to group study rooms and the sunlit 5000 weather Herne atrium studying is easier when the surroundings alright Ulster team of librarians staff and student workers who can help answer any question you throw their way the building also plays host to the Saatchi Gallery by rotating art exhibits are at lectures and craft seminars highlight the university's commitment to social justice find student disability services able to be successful on campus and in the classroom equation with so many great resources in one spot everything falls into place