Cameron Kashef

The Old Church was founded in 1723 and is located in the city of Boston Massachusetts the formal name is Christ Church and it was a second Anglican church building Boston meaning it was loyal to the King is location for more than maintenance Worthing to signal the famous quote one if bAnd two if by Sea this is the oldest standing church in Boston in this considered to be a national historic landmark the basement of the church contains a crypt used for storing dead bodies will it new the stable there is a set of eight Bells that are wrong to this day part of Anglican liturgy is to pray to the King the fight for independence at the time church goers stop doing this i'm not sure it still kept the prayers to show their loyalty to England and the King because they are receiving special benefits from them such a silver that they used to make bubbleThe Old North church played an important role on the night of April 18th 177Paul revere Road through Boston signalling that the Redcoats are coming by say alternately sparking the American Revolution review said these famous lines to a friend before he left to find out if the British would travel by land or by sea if the British march by land or sea from the town tonight angle internal loft of the North church tower as a signal light one if by land two if by sea and die on the opposite Shore will be ready to ride and spread the alarm for every Middlesex village and farm for the country folk to be