Buried Treasure: Recovering the Charles Hare Lighter

201 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA  


We are arguing songs we were hired by a developer to do the pre construction archaeologWe know a lot about the site history the side across the street and the site that were talking about an hour actually related to each other in Town it was just one big neighborhood and prior to its development as a habitation neighborhood it was an industrial neighborhood that was utilised by one particular person who had a ship breaking yard in this Enterprise Spain about the project sites Charles hair even shipwreck it came from Baltimore it is finally in 1850 probably is a result of the gold rush in where the reason she came was because there were a number of ships that were banned in in a very small number when I call to 25 people Street when you get to the level of Charles Harrison Shipping we were able to find mini the same sort of thinLighter is a harbour cargo carrier typically used to carry cargo sometimes people between an anchor vessel and and the shore of are typically used when a vessel work it won't appear people like a robot but it was rectangular in shape and bigger than Rome somewhere propelled by sail somewhere by the water but they were all use for the same purpose to go out to the ships that were anchored at the harbour in very thinWhy does like to remove about started to show itself in the dog at that point historians from the holidays to the side to Ashington from that was a boat and