Mollie Rose

So our first stop is going to be at the Rockefeller Center this is obviously a very iconic place to stop and it is totally free to check out the decorations in this area of course these Saxon Tabernacle light show is there really popular want to check it out if you go at night time you shoulMe and Radio City Music Hall how do I decorations near bag make a circular going on and the light show at Saxon Avenue is that every 15 minutes I believe in the evening and it's really really fun to see and just sitting watching In It by the tree it's definitely worth it the end of this is just a really greatRespond if you can millionaires on the Lloyds every year so you need to see iThe other ice skating if that's something that you're interested in and the tree is absolutely gorgeous they put it up right after Thanksgiving every year I think you put the tree up before Thanksgiving but it but the lights are brighter on Thanksgiving and it's just absolutely beautiful I recommend going slightly after the lighting because the wedding itself is really really hectic but if you go sometime in early December or even after Chris view and just really feel in the holidaysSo the next step is one of the holiday markets by urban space this what is the convict Circle marketers or someone in Union Square and these are really fun at their kind of somewhere to like German Christmas markets they have a lot of local vendors in these huggies Artemis mine in an almond wine and you can just check out all the local vendors and they sell at the great stuff I got gifts for my parents his parents in the next place is a great spot for holiday decoFriv you really want to get a Greek Christmas food out and that is the palace hotel Joe and I took some pictures to my blog which are definitelPopular for bloggers in the area and it just really people to check it out it's not for Christmas photo they have decorations I can do trees at the prettiest in the city since we don't have Christmas lights to drive around we go to hotels my favourite view is that one by the church it's jusOlivia gossip Rossi and the lounge is where they filmed a scene in one of the first season of Gossip Girl so definitely a find it please to check out Siri festive very beautiful and so the next fight is the Met I know I mentioned this in my first travel guide video but the Med is really great because you could p1 so yes you obviously don't want but if you're just going to be like one exhibitor to you don't feel like you need to pay the $25 that suggested Joe and I like to go and just look at one thing at a time since we live so close bAnd have their Christmas exhibition and it is isn't it easier with a giant Christmas tree it's basiLeap into the centre area and go straight back you'll hit it and they also have this really cool it up or yeah I think yeah I gave up in this room valladolid Spain which one that I study abroad there in college and it's just really really beautiful day and something a bit more unique and different and a Fun Spot to check out and obviously grab something to dSo obviously I could not include Central Park that's another one that I mentioned before but Central Park is so funny especially if it's just now it's to grab a cup of hot chocolate and take a stroll in a winter wonderland the nexWindow shopping centre Avenue has all the great displays like Cartier Henri bendel bergdorf and Goodman Tiffany's Tiffany's has amazing display so I definitely recommend it just popping in and looking at all the decorations they have it's just so much fun it's just so you know classic New York it just is All Around Billy Billy pretty and also if you are in the mood for a hot drink I highly recommend a coffee shop on the second level of Ralph Lauren