My name is Paul Baker I'm one of a number of directors at Wilkinson Eyre architects based in and I was the project director for Gardens by the Bay and extraordinarily challenging and amazing projects in SingaporThe project was to develop to cooled conservatories in the tropics so to very sizeable glass houses to accommodate extraordinary collection of plants that would never be able to grow in Singapore without an artificial environmenThe idea of the class was in every way to be as original as possible so whilst we had a very very strong requirement for the Comfort and the cooling and the temperaturWe had absolutely no brief in terms of what they should look like so the trick that we explored was how to get a really simple structure a gridshell light as possible and then stiffen by a series of ribs that stabilize the grid that allowed us to have this total clean internal view and externally to quite a strong form to both of iron when was pulled up to allow for a mountain to sit inside the other one was going to stretch down to allow for a flower field the flower field being in the Mediterranean mountains being in the foresAs you come closer to the conservatories you were cupboard space to give you shaving shelter shelter from the sun and shelters most particularly from some of the very heavy rain that sometimesAnd that canopy is a nice counterpoint to the hard steel and Glass all about would not a colour in it I'm not playing it and it's also deliberately quite dark so that entering the conservatories is amplified by the darker compressive space on the outside so for the Mediterranean biome you come iNativity compressed space where colour starts to be really strong the lid is squashed down so that when you can I buy a myself everything opens up and I'm cold and we play some nice tricks in terms of encouraging the sideline to pull you into the spacThere is no set paths you can go anywhere you like it's your own adventure so it's all about you making your own route and understanding and exploring the buildinThe cloud forest is very different incident on a prescription route as you enter again you're coming from a more compressed docker environment and then you're completely assaulted by the cold wet of water for the real drama of moisture AaroSo as you walk around the forest floor explore the base of the mountains and then take a lift to the top we felt that it was very important to do the last bit on foot so you actually do Claire so what we called The Lost WorlThat then allows you to do The Descent in a really creative why so we have a series of staircases escalators but most particularly as a reason Walkways that taking ride out into the cloud forest with a whole range of different plants over the story there is that all the level you get a different postcode for the expanse so both buildings have got a very different approach and one of the things I really enjoyed that in themselves I think they're fun but I think the companScarlett's the real pleasure because you get a real balance of experiences was cold and wet and much more excitable with your kind of challengVertigo when the root the other one is much softer and really pleasant place to spend time because of the Mediterranean climate for the great restaurant you can be a lot more relaxed the whole team is Joy has been experiencing people having the experience this building has got educational remit has got nice messages but it's also an awful lot about fun and families and people go there to have fun but also celebrate so you see a lot of people who are going for wedding photographs or just a good family day ouThe more travelled you are the more excited or more complacent you geExperience but being from Singapore and being very much in a very loving Society I think the real drama of Us strong although artificial dramatic environment it is quite exciting