The groom of the bears located at 7 cisco's PIER 39 the find Fisherman's Wharf area the city it open to the public in 1996 and accredited member of the association of zoos and aquariums aquarium of the Bay features aquatic and terrestrial animals from Northern California with a particular focus on features for the 7 Cisco. The 50000 square foot facility is divided into 3 exhibit areas discover the bay under the B and touch the bear 100ma is the largest exhibit section featuring 300 feet acrylic tunnels ok so what am I peeing in aquarium of the Bay will I actually liked it I was honestly pleasantly surprised I didn't know what to expect when I first got there I guess I was thinking was going to be some kind of tourist trap like you find a place like this woman's work and like that but you're not actually really really enjoying it when I was there it is a little small compared to places like the saviour Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey California or the California Academy of Sciences steinhart aquarium it Golden Gate Park in San Francisco but I think the small size works in its favour it gives it sort of an intimate feeling which is nice also that enhance for the fact that it features mostly animals from the seven sisters are in the same people Bay area and that was a really nice nice nice touch me all the display is it warm well done it's got a nice layout sign you know if I had any complaints about it probably isn't overpriced for the size that it is it is it's not a full day experience you can probably see the whole thing in about two hours but there were some areas there that I felt really well done I particularly liked the octopus exhibit and the jellyfish my kids love the interactive mirror on the upper level for you got to actually catch some of the fish in the whole some of the Reptiles and things that they have that was great