Alice Aston was one of the country's earliest and most prolific female photographers she's considered one of the most outstanding photographers of her Day pictures capture idyllic scenes of social life and Staten Island in the late 1800s that's why many wealthy men have a nice summer homes here it say vanished error of lawn tennis and white summer dresses austin also celebrated the daily street life of lower Manhattan and the people she encounters there she hauled around some £50 of equipment to allow it to fulfill the passion for photography she developed as a child the house is a museum the house starte search Farmhouse in the 1690sGrandfather but the home in 1844 to remodeled it in the gothic revival style and named it clear comfort he had of the dormy windows and birdhouse finials for decorative cresting an octagonal chimney pots and the PiazzAustin was forced to leave this home for financial reasons in 1945 in the house filIt was saved through the efforts of concern Staten Island residents and city funding Austin's photographs of her home guide at the restoration it's now a city at a national historic landmark the house it's on the Waterfront at the entrance to New York Harbour from the long narrow sweeping views of the Narrows and of Manhattan asking captured it all kinds of weatheThe office rotating exhibits line festivals and children's photography classes and it's part of the city's historic house Trust photographs cover for her so happy good now give pleasure to others that pleasure continues clear comfort indeed