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In this video I will be discussing the power of your house in Boston keep watching for details and information that will guide you through your visit to this historical sitThe power of your house is located on 19 North square along the Freedom trail between faneuil hall and old North church this is stork landmark is downtown does Building and one of the few remaining seventeenth-century Dwellings in the United States the power of your house is open from April 15th to October 31st from 9:30 ian and Doreen 1st April 14th from 9:38 15 p.mTickets are available it was at the entrance only cash is accepted the power of your house was built around 168With your purchase they moved in with his family in 1770 with his wife Sarah five children and his mother Deborah after review so the home in 1800 it changed hands many times until in 1902 craig Ranson JP Reynold junior purchase the building to preserve it scaffold tower story of revere's ride and present A Brief History of his home inside the building staff dressed in. costumCremation into everyday life for the Riviera family and describe the. for it interesting facts on display