There have been in poems written about the Clark stories written about the Clark it is one of the feLandmarks of lower Manhattan I was walking the streets of New York City looking for photos I came across this in Lower Manhattan and I think it was the first time I had seen it I had heard of it but I thought it was just wonderful original Clark was a design of William Barton back in 1896 and the idea was it was an advertising vehicle for the store it was actually a jump hour laminated with a light bulb underneath it it was runway stena battery backup the gentlemen Mr home who is an employee of the store it took them two years to build the Clark in 1917 the hump the problem is we are freAnd it became almost an embarrassment to the Bartman this is the clock never told timIn the morning, the clock with a piece of cardboard so that they were embarrassed by the non functioning clock that they had in the sidewalk in 1925 it was replaced with a Arabic and Clark and we have maintained that you've been replaced the movement several times and thePlay dead Ringer apportion the day 50000 Wharf eat at 7 o'clock I was looking for photos I didn't know what kind of photos it was when something would catch my I cash my brain gets my heart you know something that appeal to me I was StephaniAnd I took I just want photo of it because also I didn't have very much money and he even though film was Brad stereo 35 cents a roll by her always have kept at the minimum number doesn't know two or three shots of the most we look at time is it just anotheThe quark and that's really what we go to wife looking at how we measure time and space and the clock really is there forever as long as we maintain it like a good time peace it will last us forever and we feel that we are responsible to keep that piece of history in tank