Only in the world's largest train terminal could you find New York city's largest ground floor office it was built for John CampbelRaining frogs in which human was raging New York Central railroad Barnes who was also a large shareholder in New York Central railroad stock and it was also a close friend of the Vanderbilt who owns all that as a result Mr Campbell was given this magnificent office apartment with marble walls and stained glass windows hand paintingBy the time the 1960s and 70s this apartment got to be in tissues a million little cubicles shaved in hair as a police officer for the MTA Police Department the beautiful fireplace was will they still have the prisoners to have the most shots taken it wasn't until Mark Rowse it took over this rooBack to its original work. What's the first thing I do it why not just restore what's he arrived and create something differently and that's exactly what you've done it over the years you know we had working on their backs as Sistine Chapel like literally with little brushes painting the ceiling in stripping it to see what colour is it was it was really a joy and a privilege to have a chance to do thaMartin is coming to the Great Fire coming to Great Fire of history now this seemingly secret bars so popular just try and get in here it's also rated as one of the most romantic bars in New York City in the title it definitely deserves