Chicago's historic Gold Coast district is one of the most prestigious and affluent neighborhoods in the country filled with high end shopping elegant Mansions luxury condos and world famous nightlife it's easy to see how this out home to the Fenn magnificent mile and the more exclusive Oak Street the Gold Coast is famed for it's incredible shopping boutiques owned by top designers lined the tree lined streets almost eve store and retailer has at least one location in the sleigh ride the Gold Coast restaurant scene is just as robust as the shopping Chicago's most of itAnd deep dish pizza joint call this area home Goring swanky cocktail lounges filled the local hotels in side streets guaranteeing a posh night on the town when the weather warms up it started head Oak Street beach or simply go for a walk along the lake Shore path the views are incredible potential residents will find a wide selectioHistoric mansions in Greystones are prominent in the Gold Coast as well as luxury condos with soaring views with something for everyone the Gold Coast is a great place to call