Negative Nomad

The film museum is located at 1400 South lakeshore Drive yourself a great Park Inn near the shed aquarium when you first walk in your big really bad that fight in African elephants and Sue the T-Rex Who is considered the largest and most complete T Rex fossil ever found his name of the person who discovered it into a large collection of other dinosaur fossils as well dinosaur Hall and Robbie play is a must-see There is a large ancient Egyptian exhibition with a large collection of months you will get an interview items they were buried with There's an Unbelievable collection of America and they have a huge collection of ceremonial clothing as welBiggest plane in the weapons and tools that were used in the daily life the Pacific spirit is also display of Native American history from the Pacific Northwest I was truly amazed with it display personal the totem pole section was shoes in very impressive there's Stuffed animals from all around the world with no money