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Right so let's get this over with her side study here with John I've heard this called a canal and a river and I'm not going to say it's neither new nor did everyone start snoring way it is a aqueduct or a waterway aqueduct Latin to leave the water and the water comes all the waThe springs and it once went open for way down to pay as you know so well sadlerswells into the lower pond and was it called a reservoir today which the water was pipe down to the people and factories of London now this is a redundant bit that once upon New river as it's called did flow through here it's now got it open walk as far as Clissold Park North of fear of Green Lanes after that in the 19th century put it in a pipe but in places like this then left it open so it's where the new River wants was but it's no longer part of the water that stilWell in fact I think it ends at Clissold Park now it doesn't float as well then you're into the fact thaThames included and the Werewolves of London with filthy and polluted and very little pure water to be hard that's why people have beer really what it was also needed for London Industries London population is growing tanning brewing dying on water and it was decided to bring it down from Hertfordshire you need to research Hugh myddelton he's the man who wasn't earlier attempt you could mention or not as you please he took over and he watched it completed it was no Philanthropists it was a money-making venturAnd he wants to sell water to people in London and I think hMoney at the Beginning you could research that you pay it lots of compensation the King James the first the Scott wanted an egg money out of it so you can research that