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San Francisco as one of America's most expensive cities and it's become the symbol of the Nations housing crisis last year The Bay area added 64000 jobs but less than €5,000 years of this type of chronic and rebuilding has widest Skyrocket in real estate prices and rents the median home price is now over the million dollar Mark which one bedroom apartment rent for more than $3,500 I got a price. Could afford the rent if so many people are getting priced out of the market that doesn't have enough housing why not just build more housing it seems like a simple idea when so obvious that free market libertarian and regulation friendly progressives agree on it so I can see in Francisco get it done the project is an embarrassment it's a travesty and Abomination feeling violated nimbys who say not in my backyard has successfully organised against development in the region for decades by Blackie new housing construction needed to meet the man bit by bit citizens have put together this you know system of permissions and regulation but there's a new counterweight to the numbers that are getting noticed by the media activist her saying yes to new development the Indies it is one of the most visible members of the European movement she began her activism by writing letters to local officials in commiserating with friends or Friends each other for the same units building new market rate housing helped Jesus poverty and you must apply the idea glad Ricardo becomes future affordable housing what we need is a ton of housing and in this case I think the market is the only institution that is able to build the housing that we need but these numbers contain that the private market doesn't work the private market will not provide the housing needed for the majority of residence Inn San Francisco economics boats are saying over and over supply and demand it doesn't really apply hair is not really working let's try something else find stuff a lot of stuff in a suitcase right have you ever gone to a party and seeing that the pizza was gone but you still want it some I mean it's just it's just running help and they know that we have run out and they do not allow decentralized we need to let them know loud and clear that there is a loud constituency it that truly believe that we need to solve this crisis by adding more housing in the bay area and if we do not get that message to them they will continue to think that the only voting black that matters or are people who oppose housing cities are incredible things there places where freedom is possible in a way that is just not as possible in a small town diversity as possible so I thought it was just going Bay area should be taking advantage of this opportunity to build a big city