1375 Fairfax Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124, USA  

Meals on Wheels San Francisco

I thought I can do it all myself and can feel like a big baby and when I eat fruit 15 marks the 45th anniversary of service for Meals on Wheels over the last 7 years meals and wheels his double it service in San Francisco were making sure that people who have lived in San Francisco all their life have the option to stay here and have the option to live in their home way that no one should be isolated and alone or without nutrition and support we're sometimes the only person they see other than the doctor 2/3 of them live alone many of them don't have family or off when we look at our files and try to see who the emergency contact is in many cases we're the emergency contact in more than once you're going to respond when they don't answer the door drivers how do I read every single not many people want to do that some people just don't care some people don't care about you being headache after anything on them that you and it makes it makes you feel as though you're not you're not want it you're not need it Meals on Wheels as there's a hole there's a lot for seniors and more than just meals