The Arnold Arboretum Of Harvard University

125 Arborway, Boston, MA 02130, Stati Uniti  


When they are room was found it was only about 20 years after on the Origin of Species came out it so people really just starting to get their minds around evolution carvery was very interesteIsn't as well and they had a botanic garden time Garden Street in Cambridge are however didn't really have any space related groceries Dr Green was founded in its peaCombining this gift of money from James Arnold in descriptive name for Benjamin bussey and creating essentially a Research Station hearing to make a plane in designing the arboretum with Frederick law olmsted the idea came up with the arboretum became a part of the city park system Harvard would need to worry about things like roads and walls infrastructure systeDid was to donate the land to the city of Boston and then have Boston least that property back to Harvard for $1 a year Harvard is running the arboretum growing plants here making our collections available for research and study while opening it up to the public at a park for people to coming into here every day of the year right noStands for exhibitions this far to Kentucky Tennessee China and the Republic of Georgia so soon as although she comes in we decide and specific treatment to give the seed are the property whether they are seeds cutting in science for plants come to the greenhouse first before they are put into the put it in our evaluation nursery this is the first chance that this evening has ever Boston winterUnderground as an experiment to find out of that plant will grow under certain conditions it particularly important now with climate change and with somebody natural habitats shrinking in Old part of Arc getting right now it's really looking ahead to the next century and what are people going to be worried about the next century around plants and what can we do now to sort of prepare ourselves to be able to help them better