But thank you for coming by this is the Royal famous cable car museum right before you know you got home ok just came out of the car and then when we go in there now and it's going to be really noisy hard it will a new functionality that in a moment pirate original cable cars that sell for new folks to get a chance to get onto that it's electric motors need to leave it that handle I see there is a god why is actually getting the cable cables going what's the day the museum visitors are treated to historic cable cars from the late 1800 and standard tap the visitors deck and what is the four remaining cable lines with through the cable car bar on display are various mechanical devices such as grapes track cable breaking mechanisms tools detailed models in a large collection of historical photographs Brescia downstairs and you find yourself for Lowther Street and you'll see cables shooting off in Multiple directions trance party people all over the city with the advent of buses in the 1940s the cable cars run away at as a mode of transportation in the city but in 1947 a group of Citizens led by Freda classement pay the cable cars bypassing measure 10 or ring the city to maintain the Powell Street cable car system business is realised tourist don't come to San Francisco drive can the cable cars remain one of the biggest tourist attractions in the City today