Fab Placez

Welcome to the John G shedd aquarium here in Chicago Illinois should aquarium opened its doors in 1930 and we've been around welcoming our two million gas every year since then are we are situated on the shores of Lake Michigan on Museum Campus and we have so many animals so many exhibits for people ther we have 32500 animals representing 1500 species which actually makes us one of the largest most diverse collections of animals in the world for 75 years running we were the largest indoor aquarium in the world as well some of the highlighting the bits that we have you can see behind me at the Caribbean reef we have a diver that diedThree times a day and actually interact with with the gas and they can ask questions to the driver and the driver's speaks back to them it's one of the major highlights that people love to visit and it's a tradition here at the aquarium we also have our water for the world exhibit which is our original gallery the galleries that were i'm in the gallery one particular animal that is Granddad he is an Australian lungfish and he's been here at shed since 1943 so imagine all the things that he's seen and that's where are beluga whales Pacific white sided dolThe Lions Tiaras anWe also have a marine mammals show that runs daily that you can visit in our Other theatre finally we have our new jellies exhibit this exhibit runs through the through may of 2012 and it features about 10 different species of jellies a lot of people think that they're called jellyfish but they're actually not I have a backbone so when you come to see the jellies make sure you call them c jellies or just jealous