Coming here you'll experience a unique walkthrough early 19th century New York the museum is located within a historic District with lemon commercial buildings in Georgian federal and Greek revival style they were built from 1811 through the 1830 busiest port in the country in New York City became the economic and Financial CapitalThe museum occupy several of these former County houses in spotlights the colourful history of the Year the coffee trade the story Fulton fish market even the art of tattooing think of all those who came through a wonderful collection thomas Edison this part of the museum was once part of a hotel that occupied the building from 18:50 20 it was the inspiration for the famous Joseph Mitchell book up in the old HoteBut the museum is also about today because the seaport was once I have a trader manufacturing this gir designers working in manufacturing in New York City todayA wonderful idea of all the things that made us to be great and those that are continuing to do Saturday