Museum at Eldridge Street (Restored Synagogue)

12 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002, Stati Uniti  


I have a million eastern European Jews came to the United States between 1880 and 1924 most of them settled initially on the lower East Side this area once how's the laCommunity in the world Elder Street was the first great house of worship built by eastern European Jews in America the date was 1887 it was a rich adaptation the flicking terracotta can work in RomaniThe central Bay houses a large wheel window Crown by arcata Gable equally flamboyant what is 70 ft high barrel vaulted ceiling covered with stars it's boarded with hemispheric slender columns in Moorish style capitals the women's gallery Rings the space of arThe one that beamer was eliminated by breast or shares at the corners chandeliers with glass shades hang from the ceiling in light pours it from all sides through round arched stained glass windows the pews ironic read from a Christian church and Charlotte truffle.oil Christian motif the synagogue 4000 members in 1900, againsPerformers Eddie Cantor and Edward g Robinson scientist Jonas salk an artist finish on the 1930s immigration lead the Great DepressioAny Jewish families moved away the Sanctuary was sealed off in 1933 and services moved to the basement in a space that is still used for worship today the Sanctuary was unsealed and we discovered in 1971 it triggered designation as well the city and national landmark and it launched a 20 year 18 and a half million dollar restoration campaign the grand euro was renewed but worn grooves in the floorboards remain as reminders of the many who worships here the original Rose window on the Eastern wall was destroyed in a storm in the 1940s and there was no documenArtist Kiki Smith design was installed iIt symbolises the renewal of this remarkable building this holds a palpable sense of history at the Museum at Eldridge Street is very much of today the museum provides a steady stream of Tours as well as educational and cultural programs and the museum is an l surrounded by Chinatown in today's immigrants so coming in all these Worlds