Hi guys so I don't know where in Delhi and we are staying at the beautiful Claridge's hotel not this is an iconic phot52 + 5 bed property of independent India located in Luton Delhi today I'm going to the amenities of the rooms everything so sorry for the long they've got iManchester hotel with lots of tables and chairs you can ensure a cup of coffee here I just come out and read a book it's absolutely beautiful and that is the meaninOption area and the lobby is that we thought of joining the Lord God prayer restore and evil bakery which is the bakery and coffee shop nice temperature control swimming pool sunbeds which look very inviting it now we're going to the health club next week this is the heaven SpTangiblAnd now we're heading to the spa for a massage the system has a beautiful sitting area as you can see that a desk TVs and the bed so this looks got a bath stop the shower cubicle and the toilet but my favourite part of this room is the walk-in Plaza This also has a lovely pool view to the rate of this room is 18500 rupees text we have the fanciest read it so closely notice for it xx Just look at this huge living in here Chicken and some yummy chicken and egg noodles i'm look so gooChicken and mushroom everything is amazing well that lunch was only thing we have two more places for you guys this or other vodka back I'm sorry good restaurants places really ComBut that was a card as Adele for you I've had a really facts about the hell if you're coming to darling you gotta stay here so if you like this video make sure you give it a thumbs up and also