We're at Our Lady of Lebanon maronite cathedral in Brooklyn Heights for another tourist in your own town excursion Richard design building in 1844 it's one of the earliest romanesque revival buildings in AmericThe mirror lights purchase the building in 1943 it was designated a cathedral in 1977 serving the entire Eastern seaboard maronites are Eastern rite Catholics there in Communion With Rome but with your own Bishops diocese and liturgy they worship the new work since 189Components part of the building from other places the exterior doors with a dining hall doors of the French luxury liner the Normandy The Medallion cities in Normandy they were altered to fit the Henry Street main entrance they also feel the remsen street side entrance 1 million Hair ShoInside mahogany doors in Marble pie Leicester is in the North X come from the former Swan mansion on Manhattan upper west side new Marvel in Alnwick sanctuary flooring came from the French and Lebanese Brazilian at the 1939 World's Fair the stained glass windows were created in France in 1954 they feature piecHeld together by colour with enamel a technique known as Mr which was created by French painters en croatie the original Tiffany Windows removed before the nights purchase the building Lebanese artist silver do I produce traditional windows do I also painted the mural of Our Lady of harissA travel features of 16th century belief of our lady and chains some 600 members from the metropolitan area worship here year round the church also serves as a regional community centre for the Lebanese maronite Catholic Community there's a popular annual Lebanese food for the rector and Bishop ecumenical community this is a beautiful Cathedral illustrating a rich diversity of religious worship in New York it is well worth a visit