Francoise Schein

It was New York City in 1978 with the 80s about to begin my husband Tony had just bought a building in SohHe had the idea of reinventing the neighborhood downtown New York was a real mess at that timTony head vision it was an industrial area with garbage all over the sidewalk there was nothing fancy in downtown New York pizzThe brand kids were making graffiti on all the city walYou needed to exist and they sign their names everywhere they could the subway was there art gallery that was New York then nothing was coming but only likes it that way and Francois do too tony and Francois had met on he was a visionary and an entrepreneur who was a pioneeTony wanted and artistic idea for the sidewalEntered the building he has just thought he was taking the subway to discover New York she became a sidewalk and subway so she loves the New York City subway map Tony wanted something special he trusted her immediately I remember France was telling him I think this city resembles a computer the kind of vision one has from an airplane looking down at the City at night what you see is a gigantic computer chip I would love to build an RC like that it would be as if he entered a computer Tony Goldman loved that vision he loved the idea of a gigantic map on the surface of the citToday this work is a treasured New York city landmark