Atlas Obscura

In 1910 New York City was trying to expand on a 123 line over and Seventh Avenu you did this to the always popular method of eminent domain will it be likely to take an 11 black chunk of land with 300 buildings on it and said yeah this is ours now I get out one of the tenants David Hester under 7 story building, VoorheesAnd he farted in your city in court and he lost you died not long after a now will be the end of the story except for the fact that he is children notice that there was a tiny Triangle of land that had been overlooked by the traverse office and technically it's little triangle at 55 was still ther this time triangleWhat I did with it was they installed a tiny mosaic plaque on it the plaque reads property of the estate which has never been dedicated for any public purpose Bieber Never Give It UStill proudly telling New York to go screw it off or give it up eventually