Who really started The Great Fire of London?

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Didn't 50 years ago England's capital city London burns to the ground the great fire started shortly after midnight on Sunday the 2nd of September 1666 the extent of the destruction was massive 8 in every ten buildings was consumed by the fire including over 13000 houses and 87 churches between 70 thousand and one hundred thousand homeless several thousand more probably. It finally ended over 3 days later on Wednesday the 5th of September but how did the fire start was it may be an accident or part of a deadly plot to devastate England the great fire Began on Pudding Lane and the bakery of Thomas farriner he and his family managed to escape by climbing out of the first floor window sadly they made did not and became the first casualty of the fire miraculously there were fewer than 10 recorded deaths but melted pottery Bruges the flames to reach temperatures of a leased 1250 degrees Celsius more than hot enough to completely destroy human bodies in a crowded city of half a million people historian Neil Hanson estimated death toll was possibly in the England was in the midst of war with the Netherlands and France witnesses reported foreign agents going to work with matches and hand grenades the great fire was now a terror attack burning London to the ground would have been a crucial crew for terrorists alongside the houses of the poor the city prisons the Royal Exchange the financial district the great A Letter Office and the News printers all went up in flames the city comprised of cramped streets of mediaeval wooden buildings confined by the ancient Roman wall the summer of 1666 had been very dry making the old wooden structures perfect tinder what more the shores of the River Thames were lined with coal oil fats gunpowder and other combustible materials the fire in Pudding Lane start at the same time as a great girl arrived over the city Witnesses record how strong winds blew Sparks and flames over the thatched roofs historians believe it is no comments if I died down as the gale passed away