How do I know right now I am in Murcia Spain at Walt Disney created the man himself together we visit his early homes and Studios of course Disneyland but no place has given me a greater sense of the man behind the legend in this the Walt Disney family museum of this museum is amazing looking at here at the presidio San Francisco he has 40000 square feet of exhibits spread through 17 rooms or document in the life and works of Walt Disney first glance it seems like San Francisco is a strange choice for this place given that never lived here but now his Descendants live close by but it started Diane Disney Miller who spearheaded the construction and creation of this museum also thought it was important to keep space between Museum and the part two separate them the craziest thing in the whole museum of Mickey Mouse watch to go to everything else in the museum each room is packed with amazing stuff just memorabilia the museum is also overflowing with information about the technical achievements that made of our favourite shows and movies possible just as one example here is one of the original multiplayer cameras used to create the look of 3D animation the museum never lose the site of Walt Disney the name is personal story is told them aside every step and it's the museum is an amazing tribute to many thing creativity animation storytelling artistry it's really amazing feet in its own right but above all the rest it pays the ultimate tribute to the Man Behind The Legend the Men Who Let some of the most creative people in history into creating whole world of imagination Walter Elias Disney joining me on this quick review of the happiest Museum others this place is worth a trip for more information on the museum including membership at Disney