National Gallery Singapore

1 St Andrew's Rd, Singapore 178957  


Architect did this amazing design with the roof that connected the two buildings and a basement that connect to the two buildings and with that the whole stage was set for the design exterior as you can see if nothing much has changed the only thing thaIt is the truth that goes over it and the Two Dales between the two buildings so what we had done is a lot of work but you don't see iPrimary it's been about cleaning and it's about arresting any Decay and it rusting in the external members and things making sure it was safe and that took a lot of time because we had to preserve it also there was a lot of meticulous work done there then one of the very important part was the preservation of all the sculptures on the outside lady Justice the tympanum there we are not it freezes there very slow very careful presentation work event on there ceilings in Supreme Court how very interesIntricate and they are copied and in some cases where there was Restorations work to be done they were there was a painstaking process of numbering eating every panel and taking it apart and pulling it down one bit by one bit and then restorZakopane web Panel and dad took quite a lot of Time original level 3 and supreme court there was a rubber tile flooring that line the car goes around the courtrooms anything that was in trouble because it was cheap and readily available and be it didn't sound so they need the quadrants be quiet when we looked at it within bad state of condition head italy which we're not Lottery news so it'll had to be removed and that's been replaced by new marble flooring which is now what you see there in exactly the same pattern is original flooring