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14 craziest things to do in Dubai 14c the Burj Khalifa the Burj Khalifa is the tallest structure in the world standing at 82Metres or 2711 feet tall it was completed in 2009 the construction started back in 200Here's to build a sleep skyscraper that kind of resembles pipes on an organ of course when visiting Dubai the Burj Khalifa is also one of the hardest parts for Taurus that are vacationing in the UAE you might even recognise it's reflective Walls from the film Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol when Tom Cruise's character scale the side of it couple that with the fact that it's also got the school observation deck then there's no reason to not check out the on the face of the Earth 13 learn at the Dubai Museum this is truly amazing how many museums do you know has an entrance that resembles an old fort in the Middle East was even to Canons upfront IV itself was built in 178The oldest building still intact in Dubai nearly two centuries later a museum was opened at the structures location in 1971 the ruler of Dubai represent what traditional lifestyles in Dubai world like centuries ago the tourist traffic at the museum has steadily grown throughout the years about 10 years ago only a little over 600000 people visited the museum annually which group 200000 The Following year after 2013 yearly visits when it over 1 million 12 try to eaAgain that says trI might take a little more effort than usual to grab a bite to eat at the lime and tonic restaurants in Dubai why eating at lime and tonic means watching out for the supper clubs for wherever they going to pop up in the meantime the venues are usually a different UAE hotels what's even more challenging is that there's a different theme and host it every one of them it's kind of like a scavenger hunt for Rich adults when they're hungry 11 North french restaurant most people in the world have never been in what the country North Korea is today but that's the only North Korean restaurant in Dubai you can see live performances as well as down and some North Korean dishes at the Pyongyang Oak Creek WI is there a neighbourhood the restaurant of course is most well known foA North Korean establishment but the live performances there is notable as well with singing and choreographer what's the best shows are apparently doing the Friday 8 p.m. Consist of a more elaborate wardrobe and lively atmosphere 10 tell time at the Elephant clock so the elephant clock is the super all the Invention that dates back to mediaeval times it was made by Al jazari a scholar artist engineer and mathematician who is around 11:30 Most sex which means the designer they'rNot only a couple hundred years old but also very important to Middle Eastern history the water clock is designed into the form of an elephant that was reproduced in more recent times and put on display at the Urban battuta mall in Dubai the version you see is a robotic elephant that was commissioned for when they Moult opened in 2005 when you see ancient pictures of it the elephant clock look like this reproduction is pretty close now the Atlantis suite if you ever have enough money or you're just lucky enough to have landed a chance to stay at one of the underwater suites at The Palm hotel in Dubai you should take the opportunity everyone who's visited this week say it's unlike anything else lyricUnless you have a habit of visiting all the best Hotel suites all over the world the underwater Suites are set to surely amaze think about it if you ever wanted to know what it was like being a mermaiLatest it would be like this waking up to a whole tank of Life fish plus there's a jetted tub right next to the window and a rainfall shower to complete the water experience 8 go to the mall and not just any more go to the Dubai mall which is the largest mall in the world according to area the shopping centre is just part of the downtown complex that said to have cost 20 billion dollars to BilRyzen 1200 shops was enough to bring 54 million visitors in the year 2011 advert shoppers and Morris would love it here since it's not just simply like them all back home or you could walk back and forth and like 10 minutes even if you don't like shopping the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo is also located within the grounds of them all which features 300 species of different sea creatures Take the phrase chilling with your friends to the most literal level you can without getting hypothermia when vacationing in a place like the UAE you most certainly notice how hot it does it gets but if you're needed something cool air temperature wise of course to do in Dubai people like flocking to chill out a lounge we can really drink and for lack of better wording till 6 sharp at the gold souk if all the prettGuardians nice cars in upscale shopping and Dining still had you feeling that to buy wasn't as fancy as other people made it out to be you probably didn't take a stroll through the gold supermarket located in the commercial business District the holes are lined with stacks of jewellery at the stacks of jewellery with an approximation of 10 tons of gold present at one time at the market 5 watch the DubaNever been to the Bellagio in Las Vegas or at least watch that one scene in the remake of Oceans 11 and you enjoyed it then you're really in for a treat when you visit the Dubai fountain located near the famous Burj Khalifa the 30 Acre lake is all man made and the Phantom is described to use 25 projectors that should 6600 colourful lights the water is released upwards into the air the highest reaching one 2.Er 500 feet high the cost of making a Phantom like this as you can imagine what's it equivalent of 218 million US Dollars for Global Village everyone says it's the largest entertainment project ever to be made with over 5 million visitors every year located in Dubai land Dubai the square foot area for The Global Village reaches up to 1100000 square feet it's open every day of the week so really what's the excuse not to go people come from all over to buy a variety of products 3 skydive skydiving anywhere means lots of cool views of the surface of the Earth you would it really it to see otherwise in the same fashion show you can always look at the window of a plane but nothing matches the exhilaration of following hundreds of feet down words oveGiving blue waters on the coast of Dubai you can see all the buildings in Gardens and attractions from all the way up there will also getting an adrenaline rush with your whole vacation party to visit the miracle garden forgot your garden at Home in that may be quite botanical garden you visit in your city the Dubai Miracle garden is exciting and love itself the place was launched back in 2013 on Valentine's Day which maLittle romantic destination and large stepping into the miracle garden feels like you've been transported to that really weird live action Cat in the Hat movie in 2015 miracle garden was given the award for New Garden experiences of the year for the garden tourism award One ski indoors defy all logic of Mother Nature in skiing in the snow while you're in the middle of the Desert you might as well be on a snowy mountainAcai Dubai facility where this is possible measures up to 20 2500 square feet there's room for all the visitors that come to an all times of the year so if I ask them was just too warm for you than this enormous artificial ski house is definitely the place to go the indoor mountain reaches 80 85 metres high with five sides to scare Mary self down in the middle of June if you want