Road Trip Randy

Let me start by saying downtown this huge it's for different areas and districts they can all have their own video and I'm going to summarise it all in one don't think of this is a comprehensive tourism video think of it more as they follow me to the streets that way if I get lost and so it all there is hope there is beautifuReddit the Northeast of downtown it's full of restaurants stores in Staines that offer a nice variety of Mexican culture uses it was a huge tourist attraction or barrister it was part of the founding site of Los Angeles it sits in the oldest part of downtown indistinguishable from the rest of the city simple are shrimps wherever you are Nelly you can see theLED falling down nelson lucky enough to be invited to Mimi's which took place in the Nokia Theater which is now just called Microsoft again I really walk around your placeStaple centre of the la convention centre in Rainham by train so ninjalinos can pretend they know it winter it it's super touristy it really remind the Highland Centre Becket house I mean the Grammy Museum even has its own water thing on the side