Boston University

Hi my name is Hanukkah glaucoma zookeeper here from compared to other people maybe there was a good as a zookeeper for lack of better term my tongue imagine you have a ton of different pets very social animals I kind of like their own soap opera bring them thanks to its Ambassadors an urban setting a while these kids who come to the zoo haven't really seen animals that might even domesticated animals that scream can bring that experience to the34 years old daddy michael Buffer a horse his personality is one of our favouriteIt's a very strong personality saying hi sorry were mostly domesticated animals Land Cruiser big Calvin back to poitou donkeys to guinea pigs a bunch of goats chickens to take care of them feed their enclosures feed theBut then you're also training them if I tap on the shoulder that means turning right on the top of his necAn animal that she wants a training is it hot at work with the animals the job that I still want to come to even when I'm like deathly ill