Temple Emanuel as one of the most majestic synagogues in the world the 1927 building is a mixture of Byzantine Moorish and art deco it's III synagogue for the congregation which was founded by a small group of German Jews in 1845 on the lower East Side it's the first reform congregation in the cityReset starch contains symbols of the 12 tribes of Israel lions top columns on either side the bronze doors feature decorative motifs as well as symbols of the 12 tribes the foyer is art deco with carved wooden ceilings and carved corbels adorned with silver and gold leaf Louis comfort designed the World War One memorial plaque where it is massive 100 feet wide 175 cm long and 103 feet high it states of the 2500 for the early use of a steel frame allows for pillar free spacThe large stone puppets are of Sienna more designs there is colourful marquetry on the canopies the glass and marble mosaic large is 8 storeys high it was designed by noted American designer hildreth mayor the ceiling as layers of hand-painted anPlaster acoustic glass lino tiles line the walls separated by go vertical tiles for decoration the Arc and the Eastern wall is designed to depict an open Torah scroll the bronze doors feature of the Ten undefinedndmentThe Beamer floor teaches the Tree of Life the temple has more than 60 stained glass windows there are replete with Jewish iconographiBiblical imagery the whole window has £12 surrounding a Star of David the 7 Windows above the rear window symbolise the branches of the menorah street level Windows depict earlier temple Emanuel buildings and no did European synagogues the synagogue has a lovely smaller Chapel they have a meaNew car with rotating exhibitions at a centre for lectures discussions concerts and special events are welcome