Easy Milano

My name is Amy Louise I'm an American living in the land it's not an uncommon story I fell in love with an Italian and yeah we came back to Milan Brera it's not exactly in the city centre it's right next to the city centre I think that did some people because this area wasn't found as much as the other areas in Milan from the Second World War so here we are we are at the Galley, birthday Eva actually a gallery in the sense that you think about when you see Museum pieces when you go to visit a museum that you can actually buy and own some of these are important pieces this is a great place we're actually on course so, it's a very I think it's a one of a kind in Milan is a company a fashion store a cafe restaurant he's got a gallery a bookstore you have also a boutique hotel that has 3 Rooms that you can read all in one place but now it is traditional Italian food cliona name is Johnny has been your for 36 years so basically what you see took 36 years to compose it has pictures of all of his gas a lot of famous Italians of actors celebrities come here so that's great it's an international place