La Tenda Rossa

Milan has 4 Underground lines covering a total live over 100 kilometres together with its buses trams and trolleybuses this means that Milan has more public transport vehicles per person than any other Italian citR231 m the tortoises are heavily is Italy's highest skyscraper public green spaces make up 12% of Milan area total of almost every single inhabiteMilan post more than 60 museums with masterpieces by psychologist has Leonardo da Vinci Raphael Michelangelo and caravaggio according to The Economist magazine Milan is one of the 15 cities in the world would the highest quality navigable canals Lincoln Midlands and Norther milan was the capital of the Roman empire for over a centuryMilan has 759 spots over 100 discos around 43rd and morAdmiral and over 700 restaurant 12 composed at least one Michelin star there's also thiWell that's going too far but we do have an average of 280 days of sun per year and quite a few swimming pools Milan expect the unexpected